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TOP 5 DONNA NOBLE SCENES #1 | asked by passrevoked
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That’s the choice, Donna. It’s Pompeii or the world… If Pompeii is destroyed, then it’s not just history - it’s me. I make it happen… Vesuvius exploded with the force of twenty-four nuclear bombs. Nothing can survive it. Certainly not us.

The last thing I was expecting to feel in just the second episode of Donna’s run as a regular companion is All The Feelings. But this beautiful, impeccably acted scene pretty much sums up everything I love about Donna Noble and her relationship with the impossible, skinny spaceman who inadvertently kidnapped her on her wedding day. She is so brave here, and so compassionate: how many people would, in all sincerity, react the way she does when told that she’s not going to survive a cataclysmic explosion that would set the universe on the right course? You can see it in the Doctor’s face too - ‘Never mind us’, Donna says - and he always knew that he only takes the best, but it’s at this precise moment that he realises just how very true that is of Donna.

And that’s not enough beautiful character and relationship development for one scene, oh no - because Donna then goes on to tell the Doctor, without saying a single word, that she understands now what it really means to be the last of the Time Lords, what it means to carry with him in his everyday life the weight and burden of so many lives and so much guilt. She doesn’t just stand there and watch him take on another load of guilt as he changes history. No, she takes it upon herself to share his burden and the pain that comes with the choices he must make - she puts her hands on his, and lets him know that the choice is hers too. It’s not just you - we make it happen - you’re not alone. 


Each Disney Princess was new to the line up at some point in time. So, why are people so quick to dismiss Rapunzel and Tiana? Give them a chance. 


always loved this moment


Grim Natwick (Snow White), Marc Davis (Aurora & Cinderella), Glen Keane (Ariel, Pocahontas, & Rapunzel), Ken Duncan (Megara & Jane), James Baxter (Belle & Giselle), and Mark Henn (Jasmine, Mulan, and Tiana)